Application for Financial Assistance

The Stop KM Legal Defence Fund grants financial assistance to cover legal defence costs stemming from protest, civil disobedience, and direct action activities in opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and tanker project. These costs include legal fees for criminal and contempt of court charges, civil litigation, and related immigration or child custody/welfare issues, as well as travel costs and other expenses associated with legal defence.

This application will be reviewed by the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund Operational Committee and approved by Stop KM Legal Defence Fund Board. Applications are accepted online at or at the email address

Download: Application in PDF format

While being reviewed, all applicants will remain anonymous. All identifying information provided will be unavailable to the reviewers in order to protect the confidentiality of the applicants. Once submitted, all application forms will be stored securely. If the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund is not able to grant assistance at this time and you continue to need support, we encourage applicants to reapply in the next round of funding.

If you are a defendant and you need help paying for your legal costs, please complete the application form, providing all required information and provide supporting documentation. If you are a lawyer applying to the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund, please work with your client to complete the application below. A decision will be made about your application within a month of the deadline for submission. A notification of determination will be emailed and/or mailed to the address you have provided below. Please note that incomplete applications may not be considered.

We are aware that the following questions are highly personal and sensitive, and ask about your access to financial resources. While you may choose not to answer any questions that you find objectionable, your assistance will help us determine the allocation of the available funds.

Determinations on all applications will be based on the risk of harm and the level of need faced by individual defendants. The purpose of the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund is to put solidarity into action. As such, particular consideration will be given to the needs of defendants that result from structural inequalities including colonialism, race, gender, sexuality, class and ableism.

If you need assistance filling out this application, please email

Note: Although the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund wishes it had the ability to fund the legal costs of all those who stand against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, it cannot. There is no guarantee funds will be granted based on the submission of this application.

Note: Applicants who are eligible for legal aid through the Legal Services Society of BC but are applying to the Defence Fund to retain privately funded counsel will need to provide compelling information regarding their reasons for not applying for or making use of legal aid/LSS funding. All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for legal aid and submit all necessary information (such as changes to income), in order to ensure legal representation.